14 jul 2014

A 60 Kmh - "At 60Km/h" #Trailer(2014)

Documental sobre viaje alrededor del mundo en una Citroën Méhari

¿Qué pasa cuando llegas a los 50 años y te das cuenta de que estás repitiendo los mismos errores de tu padre? ¿Qué fronteras estás dispuesto a cruzar? 

A sus 50 años, Mario Sabah lo dejó todo y decidió cambiar de estilo de vida. Restauró su Mehari de 1977 y partió, junto a sus 2 hijos, en un viaje de 150.000 Km, 45 Países y 5 continentes que cambió sus vidas para siempre.

"A 60 km/h", a través de entrevistas a los protagonistas entrelazadas con las filmaciones de este viaje alrededor del mundo, nos habla de la familia, el sacrificio, la perseverancia, las convicciones y del valor de la palabra.

Título: A 60 km/h
Dirección: Facundo Marguery
Producción: Videitos Films / U Films
Producción Ejecutiva: Lucía Gaviglio / Virginia Hinze / Matías Sabah / Facundo Marguery
Musita Original: Joaquín González
País: Uruguay
Idioma Original: Español
Género: Documental

Mas info: www.facebook.com/a60km

At 60 km is a documentary about the dream of Mario Sabah and his two sons: Travel the world by the same old 1977 car. For during more than four years they travelled over 45 countries in 5 continents, where they meet new cultures, incredible life experiences, and above all they meet and learn a new way of life... To live at 60.-

It is a fascinating history, plagued with small and big conflicts with basis in two good aspects, marked and interrelated. Four years and a few days of journey, without money, neither infrastructure. this family with the only conviction that "its possible", achieve day by day to get over the drawbacks they appear. With the target of reach the small goals being proposed, until get the maximal goal and returned home after 150.000 km through 45 countries.- 
The main characters grow, they fight, they unite, and also they fall in love in the journey. In Colombia Mario is detained by the FARC and he must make a good history to be free. In Canada the engine get frozen, was near to die of hypothermia and was rescued by the police. They must cross the border Iran-Pakistan, one of the most dangerous borders in that moment. In Turkey they met Diego Lugano (captain of the Uruguayan Selection of Football) and they make a promise to meet again in the Fifa world Cup South Africa 2010, one year later.
The documentary propose, besides the knowing corners of our world, a travel to the core of a family, into of each one and finally discover that it was worth: "its possible". What? What everyone understands what it is worth for his own life, his own ideas and illusions... IT IS POSSIBLE!

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